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Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health

Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health

You do not have to be sick, crazy, or broken to go to therapy!

But I’m not crazy. Others have it so much worse than me, I shouldn’t complain.”


I’ve heard people, both in and outside of counseling sessions say this to me. They feel as though others will judge them, or they think they have “gone insane” if it’s discovered they are in therapy services. Sometimes people feel embarrassed or ashamed for not being able to “just get over it” as they have been told to do throughout their lives. They may misunderstand what therapy is and what it isn’t. They may perceive their issues or struggles as invalid, completely negating their own need for support and empathy.

Your experience is your own. Regardless of what others are experiencing at this moment, you deserve to have your story told, to have validation, and to feel relief. I’ve had clients who, after they began therapy, were shocked with the weight that is lifted off of them; the clarity they gain about themselves; and, the self-love they begin to develop. Some of these clients are middle aged, or seniors. They are often surprised with their positive experience and results with therapy and wish they would have sought out counseling services earlier. Imagine all of the pain, the feelings of being misunderstood or not heard at all being bottled up for years.  The release of that pressure can create immense change.

More and more people are breaking the stigma of receiving mental health therapy services, which gives light to those who are less likely to reach out for help due to shame, guilt, embarrassment, or fear of the unknown. Don’t let another day go by. Reach out and take that first step. You’re worth it.


Audrey Keeton is a licensed clinical social worker working with children, teens, and adults in Wilmington, NC.  Audrey is passionate about celebrating diversity and strengths in her office.  People describe her as compassionate, empathetic, and authentic in creating a welcoming environment for each client she meets.  You can find out more about her by visiting her bio.