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Redefining Anxiety


Redefining Anxiety

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern   When you hear the word “anxiety”, what happens next? Do you feel a sense of dread? Does your heart skip a beat? Do you remember a specific time you experienced anxiety? Do you feel embarrassed from maybe having had anxiety before? Maybe you’re so used to the word or the feeling that you don’t...[ read more ]

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help Anxiety And Self-Esteem

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern What is CBT and how does it work?   Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a research-backed intervention used to treat a variety of concerns and can be especially helpful working with anxiety and self-esteem.   CBT proposes that our thoughts influence our feelings and actions. The idea behind CBT is that changing a negative...[ read more ]

Play Therapy and Other Expressive Arts

by Jessica King, MSW, LCSW  Play is the language of children.  Play is how they express themselves, how the process the circumstances of their life, and how they often communicate best with others. In play therapy, the therapists primary goal to to allow the child to been seen, heard, and understood in order to enhance their ability to connect with...[ read more ]

Positive Parenting Strategies

When parents take an active role in therapy, it allows the child or adolescent to have a strong support system that will meet their needs when it is time to leave therapy. Positive parenting techniques can help parents feel equipped with the tools they need to build positive relationships with their children. In individual sessions with caregivers, a therapist can...[ read more ]

Kids and Therapy: When to Go and What to Expect

by Jessica King , LCSW We want to see our kids happy, healthy, and enjoying new life experiences each day.  We want our children to achieve their highest potential and reach for their dreams.  Most importantly we want our children to be resilient.  We want them to be able to meet challenging experiences and have the skills needed to cope...[ read more ]

5 Tips for a Successful Back to School

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern  5 Tips For A Successful Back To School Wow, it's hard to believe that school starts again this month! Last year was challenging, to say the least. Kids and their parents may have experienced the most difficult transition navigating virtual learning and a loss of routines. So here are some tips for helping your child (and...[ read more ]

Parenting During a Pandemic

We all know that parenting is hard, but parenting during a global crisis is something none of us signed up for and no one’s written the book on it just yet. With schools across the country closed until further notice, millions of people have been laid off from their jobs, the country is in a very strange state of limbo...[ read more ]

Self-Care for Kids

This has been on my mind this week- the idea of self-care for younger kids. Typically, when we think of the word "self-care," we think of adults who may need help managing the chaos in their life.  I'd say that this is an accurate definition; self-care is often most applicable to the grown-ups of the world.  However, kids can benefit...[ read more ]