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Real Talk on Relationships: the Green Flag Sisterhood

Real Talk on Relationships: the Green Flag Sisterhood


Real Talk on Relationships: The Green Flag Sisterhood

Your Journey to Healthy Relationships Starts Here…

Learn how to find and be a green flag. Join an empowering group of women as we explore how to become our own advocates in our romantic relationships. Heal insecure attachments, make connections, and find happiness in your relationships! In this group, we will understand your attachment style and how this impacts your relationship. We will work together to develop tools to handle conflict and build mutual respect. We will Find resources for navigating unhealthy or unsafe relationships and connect with other young women who may be going through the same thing.


When:  Fridays, 10:00-11:30am; Starting 10/20

What to Expect: Guided discussions on communication, boundaries, and attachment styles; A safe space to share experiences and learn from others; Gain insights into red flags and warning signs in relationships; Interactive activities and role-playing for practical relationship skills.

Investment: $30 per session / or $170 upfront

*Groups are limited to 8 participants so pre-registration is required

These workshops are for women ages 18-22.



Spencer Lee is an associate licensed clinical social worker in Wilmington, NC who uses various therapeutic approaches in her work with individual women. She believes women should have a safe space to learn how to be our most fulfilled selves in our relationships, while staying safe and learning to navigate our own hurdles. Spencer’s goal for this group is for women to find connection and learn tools to become a green flag and steer clear of red flags.