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COVID UPDATE: Continuing Telehealth and Limited Opening of Office

COVID UPDATE: Continuing Telehealth and Limited Opening of Office

I am so grateful for the STILLPOINT community and feel so much joy in being able to serve Wilmington, North Carolina.  The past several months has presented uncertainty for clients, therapists, and teachers, and I want to thank everyone for their ability to shift and adjust even during challenging times. 


When our state mandated that we shelter in place, we cancelled our groups and classes, and we shifted all individual therapy to the Telehealth platform.  This adjustment was easy for some and more difficult for others, but in the end we  know we have been able to continue to meet the therapeutic needs of our clients with online counseling.  We have also started to adapt to the online community by starting to run Webinars and create private Facebook groups for psycho educational purposes and to build community.  We look forward to continuing to expand our online services and presence to help our community have access to what they need for whole body-mind wellness.  


With this said, the state is moving into Phase 2 and safer at home practices.  Many businesses will be reopening.  We recognize that for some clients there may be necessary and clinical reasons for in person therapy.  For this reason, we will be opening our offices on a limited basis and with many precautions in place.  We are taking these precautions in order to protect the safety and health of our clients, our therapists, and staff.  Our office precautions are posted and can be viewed here, as well as a copy of our informed consent if you and your therapist mutually decide in-office sessions are necessary.


We still strongly encourage the use of Telehealth or online counseling, and we will continue to build programs, training, and psycho educational groups for our online community.  We do miss our vibrant office space and the energy that is felt when we share space with you all.  We look forward to a day when we are back to functioning at full capacity, and we can have a cup of tea together!  We appreciate your support!  Stay strong and healthy Wilmington!  





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