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Family Counseling

Family Counseling

Family life often becomes chaotic. As a family, we have good intentions of making time for one another, communicating kindly, and creating a safe space for all members of the families to be themselves. This doesn’t always happen and you find yourself in constant arguments, feeling disconnected from one another, or worried about a specific family member. In family therapy, we can work together to change stuck patterns of behaviors, negative communication patterns, and family roles that are no longer serving you.

Families may not meet together in each session. Individual therapy may be needed to prepare each family member in order to have a constructive and successful family session. We will collaboratively decide on a structure that will best meet your family’s needs.

Some reasons people attend family therapy:

  • Experiencing grief and loss
  • ┬áTo understand depression, anxiety, or mental illness of one or more family members
  • Dealing with substance abuse or addiction in the family
  • During separation or divorce
  • Supporting the blended family. …
  • Feelings of disconnection or isolation of one or more family members
  • Understanding natural adjustment periods of children and/or teenagers
  • Helping improve behavioral or emotional difficulties in children
  • Improving communication between family members

If you have questions about if family therapy is right for you, give our office a call for a free phone consulation.

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