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Our Story

Our Story

Counseling and Wellness for the Whole You and the Whole Family

Stillpoint Counseling and Wellness grew out of Jessica King’s passion for creating space for holistic and integrative wellness that could support individuals and families in learning skills to manage stress, improve relationships, and connect to the community in meaningful ways. She opened Stillpoint as a solo private practice in 2018, and it has quickly grown into a group practice of independent therapists, yoga teachers, and other wellness partners. The practice thrives on a cohesive working relationship between all the providers and a dedication to our community’s wellness.

Our mission at Stillpoint Counseling is to enhance wellness by offering professional counseling services, mindfulness-based programs, classes, and training for individuals of all ages, the family system, and the community. We know that when we feel connected and supported, we are whole and well. Our vision is to end the harmful effects of chronic stress and trauma in our community with inclusive, integrative and relational practices.

We value:


We live, work, and act from our integrity, meaning we are aware of and make decisions with honesty and truth.

We recognize that integrity in our work and our lives requires a balance and integration of all aspects, including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual honesty.

Integrity activates the fullest expression of who we are meant to be, and living in our integrity supports the growth of our clients.

Building Relationships

We believe that we are stronger together, so we start inside the office to build professional relationships among the administrative team and contractors.

We actively build relationships with community partners for the collaborative, holistic care of our clients.

We help families and individuals build healthy and supportive relationships with others.

Enhancing Connections

We use a holistic and integrated care approach to wellness that connects and empowers people.

We help people connect mind, body, and spirit to promote wellness.

We support people in connecting to their feelings and holding space for even the difficult feelings and thoughts on the path to healing. We connect with our community to build a ladder of support for which our clients can climb to reach their goals.

We help family members connect and strengthen their support for each other.

We believe that no one and nothing is separate and that we are all connected on a very a basic level.  We help clients connect with themselves and with a community in order to build relationships and feel connected to a larger whole.  When we feel connected, we feel purposeful, powerful, and limitless in our potential.


We offer daytime, evening, and weekend appointments for our clients.

We offer online therapy services through a HIPAA compliant Telehealth program.

We offer an Client Portal for online scheduling, easy access to billing documents, and communication with our clients.

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Collaborating with Community

We support community organizations and charities that enhance the lives of all people in our community.

Our support is provided through speaking engagements, participation in events, and financial sponsorship.

We partner with other practitioners, clinicians, healthcare providers, and wellness businesses as referral sources in order to provide comprehensive wellness programs for our clients.

Investing in Quality Care

We offer the best possible environment for our clients and team, including comfortable office spaces, coffee and tea while waiting, relaxing music in a generally calm, serene environment.

We seek contractors that are experienced and specialists in their field using evidenced based practices to enhance the wellness of our clients

We seek opportunities to learn within our office through the use of peer consultation, collaborative discussion, and trainings.

Inclusivity and Social Justice

We know that we are not all the same, so it is important that our practice be representative of the world we live in. We promote hiring people of varying backgrounds, beliefs, and specialties to better serve our clients. Our office operates from a foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusivity in its culture and practice. We welcome people of all races, colors, ages, gender identity, sexual orientations, ability levels, belief systems, and body types in a safe space of allyship that promotes social justice, inclusion, and human rights.