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Beth Lewis, LCSWA

Beth Lewis, LCSWA


The action of seeking support is a big deal. It can be both exciting and uncomfortable not knowing what is beyond your search for balance, peace, resolution, validation, connection, happiness, clarity, transformation, new patterns, and any other reason you are reaching out.

As your therapist, I meet you as you are. As a team, you and I will come up with a plan for the wellness journey you are ready for. Over the course of our time together we will get to know each other and explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. During this work, I will offer up some observations and questions, maybe some irreverence and laughs, and will always meet you with unconditional positive regard. As a certified yoga instructor, I believe in the body’s intelligence and want to honor that intelligence, we may explore with a bottom up approach to your insight development and wellness plan.

Stress, anxiety, grief, and “big T” and “little t” trauma show up for us in many, many different ways: depression, isolation, substance use, suicide ideation, self harm, psychosis, impulsiveness, control issues, trouble with family, friends, teachers and coworkers. We can peel back the layers and explore what works and what doesn’t work for you. My approach is collaborative and person centered, and is informed by MI (motivational interviewing), DBT, CBT, mindfulness, and somatic perspectives. The most important piece of this journey is that you are the one navigating, because you are the expert on you and it is time to come home to yourself.



Beth graduated with her MSW in 2022 and works as an LCSW-A.  She has experience with facilitating PHP, IOP, and SAIOP programs that lean on Dialectical Behavior Therapy, (a Zen-based system that challenges clients to form a broader world view and develop healthy and effective coping strategies to face challenges in emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, mindfulness, and distress tolerance).  In 2022, she then began working with an amazing team of professionals (psychiatrist, nurses, peers, specialists) as an ACT team lead and therapist.  (ACTT is the highest level of care outside of a hospital that supports folks who live with severe and persistent mental illness).  Her experience in leading yoga classes and workshops since 2009 is an invaluable resource for her creativity, insight, and her own wellness plan.   She finds joy in community building through yoga and the arts.  You will most likely find her driving her kids around to their activities, but every now and then she gets to work on some type of creative pursuit, adventure in nature with her husband and kids, or swim/bike/run.  

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