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Tips for Strengthening Your Relationship While Self-Isolating

Tips for Strengthening Your Relationship While Self-Isolating

If you and your partner are self-isolating you may be spending a lot more time together than normal, or trying to navigate both of you working from home or simply learning to cohabitate in general. It’s no surprise that some tensions may rise while you both try to navigate this new ‘normal’. Although this is a strange and uncertain time, this gives us a unique opportunity to reconnect and grow. Here are some tips for strengthening your relationship while self isolating. 


  • Stay Positive. Although this can be a confusing, overwhelming and anxiety inducing time it’s important to not take out your feelings on your partner. Sometimes when we’re stressed or feeling a loss of control, it might bring out some unhealthy habits or tendencies. To combat this, try to be mindful of the way you talk to your partner or how you act when you’re feeling that loss of control. Start each day by telling each other one thing you’re grateful for. This will start the day on a positive note and it can be something as small as ‘clean laundry.’ 
  • Take Care of Yourself First. Ever hear the term ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’? It’ll be much easier to show up the way your partner might need if you take care of yourself and your needs first. Carve out some time each week to do some meaningful activities for you whether it’s creating something, reading your favorite book or having a girls night over Zoom.
  • Have Separate Spaces if You’re Both Working Remotely and Set Boundaries. Make sure you give yourself enough space to concentrate and do your work and try splitting your space into different work zones. If you live in a house, maybe you take the first floor and your partner takes the second floor. If you live in a smaller space maybe your partner works in the kitchen while you take the living room. It’s also important to have boundaries set. For example ‘if I have my headphones in, don’t bother me’ or have let them know your work hours so they’re aware of when they can interact with you.
  • Have a Date Night and Be Creative. If you’re feeling some cabin fever or stuck in the perpetual “what day is it again?” dilemma, schedule a date night. This will give you something to look forward to during the week and help keep track of the days. Get dressed up, order from your favorite restaurant, light some candles-make it special and fun for the both of you. Get creative with it, put your phones down and create something, or take advantage of virtual museum and park tours.


If you and your partner are struggling during this time, just know that is completely normal. If you’re interested in working on your relationship with a professional, request an appointment with one of our therapists today! Head here for more info.


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