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Human Trafficking: How Do We Address This Community Problem?

by Hannah Thompson, MSW Intern Human trafficking in North Carolina is much more common than people think. North Carolina is ranked #8 out of all the United States and a huge factor is because of our own city of Wilmington. Wilmington is known as a port city which allows major interstates for car travel, as well as trains and boats....[ read more ]

Tips for Values Based Living

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern Personally, one of the worst feelings for me is when I want to do something but just can’t make myself do it. This discomforting feeling is called cognitive dissonance and it occurs when our goals, beliefs, or values do not align with our current behaviors. For example, let’s say I’ve been wanting to start exercising...[ read more ]

Moving through Breakups, Separation, and Divorce

by Jessica King, LCSW Joining with another person in a committed relationship or marriage is one of life’s most significant experiences;  so is breaking up and divorce. The ending of a relationship entails grief and loss of many things and this can often be unexpected.  Even when the breakup is exactly what is needed and may have even been your...[ read more ]

A New Way To View Human Connection

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern John Gottman is a world-renowned therapist and psychology researcher, famous for his work surrounding couples, marriage, and divorce. You may have heard of his version of the ‘Four Horsemen’ in relationships: criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling. John, and his wife Julie, founded the Gottman Institute where you can find different resources and trainings for couples,...[ read more ]

Kids and Therapy: When to Go and What to Expect

by Jessica King , LCSW We want to see our kids happy, healthy, and enjoying new life experiences each day.  We want our children to achieve their highest potential and reach for their dreams.  Most importantly we want our children to be resilient.  We want them to be able to meet challenging experiences and have the skills needed to cope...[ read more ]

5 Tips for a Successful Back to School

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern  5 Tips For A Successful Back To School Wow, it's hard to believe that school starts again this month! Last year was challenging, to say the least. Kids and their parents may have experienced the most difficult transition navigating virtual learning and a loss of routines. So here are some tips for helping your child (and...[ read more ]

Top 5 Fave Self-Care Posts

by Amanda Smith, LCSW There are so many fantastic resources for self-care out there today. But combing through it all can sometimes be overwhelming. Sometimes, when I'm scouring the internet for these types of resources, I feel like I'm in self-care overload mode. Quite honestly, it can get a little exhausting. So to save you lots of time, energy, and...[ read more ]

Finding Harmony Through Mindfulness: Conscious Consonance

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern  A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a meeting that was kicked off with a mindfulness exercise. The leader of the exercise told us to notice our bodies. So, naturally, I did just that. I noticed that my back was really sore, and there was a lot of pressure. I tried my best to not...[ read more ]

Overthinking Self-Care

by Amanda Smith, LCSW Self-care isn't as complicated as we make it out to be. I can't tell you how often I hear people express legit anxiety about not feeling like they practice enough self-care. The thing we do to help alleviate anxiety somehow becomes the thing that stresses us the most. It's pretty counterproductive if you think about it....[ read more ]

The Power of Ten

by Mercedes McLaughlin, CMSW, LCSW “Ten more steps, just ten more steps… Five breathe in, four, three breathe out, two, one now exhale. Ok just ten more steps again, you can do anything with the power of ten.”  These thoughts rang clear and loud in my head as I ascended my first strenuous hike in over a decade. Flash backward...[ read more ]

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