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Counseling and Wellness for the Whole You and the Whole Family


Are you stressed out? Overwhelmed? Stuck in old patterns? Do you find it hard to make decisions for yourself? Do relationships seem difficult? Are you struggling with the behaviors of a family member or child? Do you often feel drained, sick, or fatigued?


Our holistic and integrative approach to therapy helps people and families feel whole and well.  Our clients report feeling better in their mind and body, being more connected to others in their life, and capable of meeting the challenges of everyday life.

We offer professional counseling services, as well as small group mindfulness, meditation, and yoga classes.  We take an integrative approach to wellness by looking at the whole YOU and the community of support around you.  We collaborate with other providers in our community in order to have the best possible referral sources for you when you need them.  So, whether it is a movement class, nutrition, medication, or medical care that you need, we will help you find the support to feel well again. Our counseling services are individualized to meet the needs of each person. We offer individual therapy for adults, teens and children, as well as family therapy and parent coaching/support.

We will help you connect to yourself, connect in your relationships, and connect to your community, so you can get back to doing what you were always meant to do – reach your goals, find joy, and feel content with the life you are living.

If you are interested in feeling well and know now is the time to make a change, contact us today!

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