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Self-Care for Kids

This has been on my mind this week- the idea of self-care for younger kids. Typically, when we think of the word "self-care," we think of adults who may need help managing the chaos in their life.  I'd say that this is an accurate definition; self-care is often most applicable to the grown-ups of the world.  However, kids can benefit...[ read more ]

What’s “NO” got to do with it?

What's "NO" got to do with it? ​  EVERYTHING! Boundaries. Such a small word for such a large task.  I often wonder why there wasn’t a class in school or a manual handed out?  In a world that urges us to say “yes”, “no” has become a four-letter word.  When did boundaries become passe’ instead of necessary? Boundaries teach people...[ read more ]

Why Not Me?

There typically comes a time in our lives where we have crucial decisions to make. Whether it’s a new job or position, learning a new hobby, or joining a new extracurricular activity, these decisions can bring up a variety of emotions and uncertainty. Recently, I was faced with a decision to go part time at my job to grow as a...[ read more ]

Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health

You do not have to be sick, crazy, or broken to go to therapy! But I’m not crazy. Others have it so much worse than me, I shouldn’t complain.” BREAK THE STIGMA I’ve heard people, both in and outside of counseling sessions say this to me. They feel as though others will judge them, or they think they have “gone...[ read more ]

Self-Care:  Have It Your Way

​One of my biggest pet peeves is reading articles on self-care with a strong allegiance to one particular activity or hobby that is supposed to be a miraculous cure-all. If we were all identically wired, that would make sense. But just because something works for one person does not mean it will do the same for everyone. We tend to...[ read more ]

Chronic Illness and Stress

Chronic illness is hard for us to wrap our minds around at times. We typically think of illness in terms of two extremes: having a cold which you will likely recover from or having cancer with the possible outcome of death. Rather illness, like everything else, is a spectrum. For some people illness is ongoing; there is no stop or...[ read more ]

Top 10 Self-Care Strategies

I bet you think that I’m going to tell you precisely what you need to do to practice self-care. Well, I am; but this is not your typical trendy list of prescriptive self-care tasks. The way I look at it, true self-care comes from a way of thinking more than a list of doing (especially if it’s someone else’s list...[ read more ]

Secondary Trauma:  What’s self-care got to do with it?

Raise your hands if you have ever been to a training about compassion fatigue or secondary trauma. Now raise your hands if it was helpful. I suspected as much. If I had a dime for every time someone said the words self-care, I could retire. Cue the eye rolls. What people who treat trauma know is that a scheduled bubble...[ read more ]

Our Vision and Mission

I have recently been thinking about and fine tuning our business vision and mission.  It is important to me that everyone understands what we do and what our intention is in putting together this business.  We are doing something a little new and a little different and sometimes "new" can be scary. In the end, I think we have several...[ read more ]

Moving Past Imposter Syndrome and Stepping Into Your Light

I recently announced that Stillpoint Counseling is expanding this July.  This is exciting news!  After just 1 year of going into private practice solo, I am humbled to say it was successful.  It IS successful!  Every day I wake up and think, “Is this really happening?!”  It is in that moment I make the choice to walk humbly forward to...[ read more ]

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