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Mindfulness and Meditation

There is a growing body of research for the practice of mindfulness and the use of meditation to enhance overall well-being and health.  You have probably heard of mindfulness, but how much do we really understand or practice this day to day? Mindfulness is the action of paying attention to what is happening in the present moment without overly reacting,...[ read more ]

Movement for Healthy Development

We know that being physically active is important for people of all ages, but it’s especially important for young kids to be physically active. Making sure to implement movement into their daily lives is the best way to ensure they will reach a high level of physical fitness. Research shows that promoting movement and physical activity in young children increases...[ read more ]

Healthy Boundaries and Holiday Happenings

The pressure is on!  T minus 3 days until Christmas.  This holiday season I have been thinking a lot about healthy boundaries.  As a therapist, I am often working with clients on recognizing unhealthy boundaries and learning the skills they need to effectively create boundaries that lead to healthy relationships and happy lives.  Despite this cognitive awareness, I still find...[ read more ]

Gratitude: Not Just Your Grandma’s Coping Skill

Gratitude is a hot topic, especially during the holiday season.  I think we take this word for granted and often feel ambivalent about the meaning.  Many of us have been told since we were young to “be thankful for what we have”.  We are reminded starting in November to “give thanks”.  But, what does this really mean and how can...[ read more ]

Stress and Recovery

​Wilmington is on the road to recovery, but we certainly are not “back to normal”.  Hurricane Florence made her way to Wilmington almost 4 weeks ago.  Homes and businesses were flooded at the beaches.  Inland homes were damaged by flying debris and massive hundred-year-old trees being uprooted onto rooftops.  Flooding continued as waters surged and rivers flooded from torrential rains. ...[ read more ]

Between Fear and Fearlessness

​So…I opened a private practice…WHAT?!  It is exciting.  It is challenging.  It is meaningful.  It is scary.  It is overwhelming.  It is a myriad of emotions that swirl and change daily culminating to the thought, “Well, what now?”  To explain, let me start at the beginning. All goals and well thought out plans start with an intention.  A tiny seed...[ read more ]

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