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What do all those letters mean anyway?!

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern You may have noticed that all of our therapists here at Stillpoint, or at any other location, have a slew of letters that follow their name. At Stillpoint, we have LCSWs, LCSWAs, MSW interns, MFT interns, LCMHCs, LCMHCAs, and LCASs. So, what do all those letters mean anyway? These letters represent the clinical licensure a...[ read more ]

Managing Expectations with Mindfulness

by Tina Abraham, MSW Intern Every day, at work, at home, we deal with expectations. Our own expectations, and those of the people around us. Expectations are beliefs we have about something as it will be in the future: Sometimes, expectations are based on accurate information and negotiated agreements. Often, they’re not, and sometimes things change. What happens when expectations...[ read more ]

Creating Longer-Lasting Relationships with Authenticity

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern If you’re anything like me, you might have a tendency to lose yourself when you enter a new relationship. What do I mean by this? Well, maybe you do things that you wouldn’t normally do, for the sake of enhancing the relationship or connection between you and your partner. For example, let’s say your new...[ read more ]

Healing Through Movement

by Heather Lily Lerch Healing through movement is an evidence based, body centered movement and breathing practice that invites you to explore and experience the sensations of your body in your own way. It has its roots in yoga, and pulls from attachment theory and neuroscience to work with your nervous system to repair some of the common aftershocks of...[ read more ]

No Strength in Loneliness: Men’s Group Introduction

by Cameron Staley, LCSWA Humans are very social creatures by nature. Even the more introverted among us, like myself, need a community. This is the way that we evolved. Throughout human evolution we survived in small groups and tribes. One major benefit to living in a group is protection from predators. However, there is another major benefit that has been...[ read more ]

Finding Freedom Through Narrative Therapy

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern When we are kids, our parents make the rules. We don’t get any say, and there’s usually a punishment for breaking the rules. As we get a little older, we not only abide by the rules of our parents, but also those of teachers, community leaders, and even the expectations of society as a whole....[ read more ]

A New Year Welcome

By Jessica King   Happy New Year!  The new year seems to be this symbolic time to reflect on the past and look with hope to the future.  I think we all find hope in it, because it seems like we can wash away all the “yuck” from the prior year and start fresh.  Whether this is actually true or...[ read more ]

Exploring Saucha for the New Year

by Beth Lewis, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher The tradition of setting a new year’s resolution began some 4,000 years ago when the ancient Babylonians crowned their new king and started their crops. For them, mid-march marked a time to begin anew. Their resolutions were promises to return borrowed items and to pay their debts ( Today, common resolutions tend to...[ read more ]

Redefining Anxiety

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern   When you hear the word “anxiety”, what happens next? Do you feel a sense of dread? Does your heart skip a beat? Do you remember a specific time you experienced anxiety? Do you feel embarrassed from maybe having had anxiety before? Maybe you’re so used to the word or the feeling that you don’t...[ read more ]

Love Taps: Using Touch for Self-Care in a Touch Deprived World

by:  Beth Lewis, Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor Touch is one of the most basic and important forms of communication in our everyday lives.  The benefits and importance of touch (or haptic communication) are often underestimated. While reading The Ethical Use of Touch in Psychotherapy, I was fascinated to learn that in the developing fetus “the skin and the nervous system...[ read more ]

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