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5 Tips for a Successful Back to School

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern  5 Tips For A Successful Back To School Wow, it's hard to believe that school starts again this month! Last year was challenging, to say the least. Kids and their parents may have experienced the most difficult transition navigating virtual learning and a loss of routines. So here are some tips for helping your child (and...[ read more ]

Top 5 Fave Self-Care Posts

by Amanda Smith, LCSW There are so many fantastic resources for self-care out there today. But combing through it all can sometimes be overwhelming. Sometimes, when I'm scouring the internet for these types of resources, I feel like I'm in self-care overload mode. Quite honestly, it can get a little exhausting. So to save you lots of time, energy, and...[ read more ]

Finding Harmony Through Mindfulness: Conscious Consonance

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern  A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a meeting that was kicked off with a mindfulness exercise. The leader of the exercise told us to notice our bodies. So, naturally, I did just that. I noticed that my back was really sore, and there was a lot of pressure. I tried my best to not...[ read more ]

Overthinking Self-Care

by Amanda Smith, LCSW Self-care isn't as complicated as we make it out to be. I can't tell you how often I hear people express legit anxiety about not feeling like they practice enough self-care. The thing we do to help alleviate anxiety somehow becomes the thing that stresses us the most. It's pretty counterproductive if you think about it....[ read more ]

The Power of Ten

by Mercedes McLaughlin, CMSW, LCSW “Ten more steps, just ten more steps… Five breathe in, four, three breathe out, two, one now exhale. Ok just ten more steps again, you can do anything with the power of ten.”  These thoughts rang clear and loud in my head as I ascended my first strenuous hike in over a decade. Flash backward...[ read more ]

Overcoming the Discomfort of Change

by Spencer Lee, MSW Intern Humans are wired to do what feels good, even when it may not be good for us. One of the good feelings we strive for is comfort - an absence of unpleasant feelings. We do so many things, even on a subconscious level to evade discomfort that it can come in between what we really...[ read more ]

Self-Care for the Creative Soul

by Amanda Smith, LCSW When it comes to self-care, knowing ourselves is the key. We are all uniquely designed with various values, interests, habits, and hobbies. So it makes sense that not all types of self-care work for everyone. For those of us who are creatives, there are many opportunities to find self-care in the things we already love and...[ read more ]

Trauma and Somatic Experiencing

by Spencer Lee, intern Are you familiar with the saying playing dead or playing possum? You probably learned the phrase by hearing your parents say that while pretending to be asleep growing up or by learning how that possum saying came to be. Playing dead or freezing is the third component of our sympathetic nervous system response- fight, flight, and freeze. When...[ read more ]

17 Free Ideas for Self-Care

by Amanda Smith, LCSW What I find most annoying about the idea of "self-care" is that it has to be expensive. There is way too much noise out there telling us that taking care of ourselves means spending a lot of money on a lot of stuff. Sure, it's healthy to treat yourself every once and a while, but there...[ read more ]

Taking Care of Our Environment and Taking Care of Ourselves

Stillpoint values collaborating with community partners that enhance the lives of all people in the community which is why we are teaming up with Surfrider Foundation. This month, Stillpoint will be doing a beach sweep to help fight plastic pollution on the beaches. Surfrider Foundation fights for protection against plastic pollution, clean ocean water, fair beach access for all, and more. Surfrider Foundation   Surfrider Foundation...[ read more ]

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