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June 2020 Declared Official Pride Month in Wilmington, NC

June 2020 Declared Official Pride Month in Wilmington, NC

In June of 1969, a movement was born within the LGBTQ community. During the 1960s in New York City, a number of repressive laws targeting LGBTQ people were put in place. The laws included men being arrested for dressing in drag, outlawing public displays of affection between homosexuals and outlawing serving liquor to gay people. After these laws were put into effect, the Stonewall Inn opened in Manhattan-it welcomed everyone regardless of sexual orientation and became a safe haven for the LGBTQ community. On June 28th, 1969, the police raided the Inn after the bar had been operating without a liquor license due to New York State Liquor Authority refusing to issue a permit to any business that served gay customers. As the cops were arresting patrons of the bar a crowd gathered and began throwing things at the police in support of Stonewall-thus beginning the Stonewall Uprising and inciting the start of the first pride parade which was organized a few months later. You can read more in-depth of the history surrounding Pride month and parades here

On June 16th, 2020 the Wilmington City Council met to declare June 2020 officially Pride month in Wilmington, North Carolina. The City Council and Mayor Bill Saffo noted the proclamation of June 2020 as Pride Month being a “thank you to all of our LGBTQ and community allies that fought so hard to make a more inclusive Wilmington.” Although “we have made great progress over the past few years, LGBTQ Americans face discriminations merely for being who they are…our city is actively accessing our LGBTQ equality policies and working alongside community partners to make necessary improvements” said Mayor Bill Saffo during the meeting. 

In attendance of the city council meeting was LGBTQ ally and community partner TR Nunley.  TR is the program coordinator of Wilmington Transgender Support Services and Commissioner for the NC Human Relations Committee, and he organizes a Transgender support group for teens, as well as parents of trans teens. “Pride month in June is celebrated because of a moment in history-the stonewall riots that broke out as well as riots that broke out throughout the nation against police brutality” said TR. June 2020 being declared officially Pride Month in Wilmington is a very momentous and important step for equality and acceptance for the LGBTQ community. TR went on to say that pride month “is not only about remembering the past and understanding the present but it’s also about working toward the betterment of [our] future.” 


You can watch the entire council meeting and Proclamation Presentation here


Join with us as we celebrate this landmark in Wilmington history and Pride month, and also acknowledge the work needed to be done for a safe and equitable living for marginalized populations in our community.  


If you are looking for additional resources,ways to get involved, or an organization to support with your time, money, or service, check out The Frank Harr Foundation whose “mission is to serve LGBTQIA elders, youth, and everyone in between”.  


Additionally, a list of support groups can be found on our website here.


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