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Online Resources for Your Mental and Physical Health While Self Isolating

Online Resources for Your Mental and Physical Health While Self Isolating

Over the last few weeks, the way we live has done a complete 180. Although the situation is still developing in the United States, everyone is feeling the effects COVID-19 is having on our community. We’re sure you’re aware by now North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has issued a Stay at Home Executive Order beginning today March 30th at 5 PM. This means people are unable to leave their homes unless for necessity.

If your mental or physical health is taking a toll from being stuck inside and not knowing what tomorrow holds, it’s important we continue taking time for self care-particularly movement and exercise. Research shows that regular exercise has a multitude of mental health benefits including stress reduction, increased feelings of happiness, improved self confidence, reduced feelings of anxiety and depression as well as addiction recovery. 

If you’re currently stuck inside and can’t go to the gym, check out these awesome online resources to help you break a sweat from your living room! 


High Intensity

  • Orangetheory Fitness: This popular endurance-based class utilizes interval training and targeting certain heart rate zones for burning calories. They’re uploading a new 30-minute at home workout every day using either just your bodyweight or objects you can find around the house like cans of beans. Check out their free at-home workouts here.
  • Barry’s BootCamp:  Known for completely revolutionizing High Intensity Workouts, they’re offering complimentary IGTV workouts twice everyday. One is focused on body weight workouts and the other utilizes resistance bands. You can find their workouts here


Toning and Dance Based Classes

  • 305 Fitness: One of NYC’s most popular ‘cardio dance party’ workout classes, is currently offering free cardio dance classes on YouTube twice a day-once at noon and again at 6PM EST. Check them out here.
  • Kelly Brabants: Owner of online fitness brand bootybybrabants Kelly Brabants-lifetime dancer turned personal trainer is offering free IG Live cardio-dance classes. She posts daily updates to let her followers know when she’s hosting her next workout, so keep an eye on her feed!  


Strength Training and Online Gyms

  • Gold’s Gym: Utilize their Gold’s Gym AMP app and try one of over 600 audio and video workouts. Sign up for free until the end of May with promo code FIT60. You can sign up here.
  • 24 Hour Fitness: Access the 24 Hour Fitness app for free which includes on demand Les Mills classes and audio coaching. They’re also extending their memberships while the gyms are closed. You can download the app here.


Fitness Studios in Wilmington

  • Burn Boot Camp: These 45-minute full body workouts are a combination of strength and high intensity interval training, and no workout is ever the same. Although our local Burn Boot Camp is currently closed to the public, they’re constantly updating their Instagram with at-home workouts as well as fun activities you can do with your kiddos to keep them moving. You can also find more at-home workouts on their YouTube channel
  • Longwave Yoga: This vinyasa-based studio offers beginners yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, alignment-based yoga, and Jivamukti. All classes are currently being held online via Zoom livestream. You can check out their schedule and sign up here.
  • Terra Sol Sanctuary: This wonderful local yoga studio offers classes for all levels and various styles. Some of their classes include Breath + Alignment, Restorative Yoga, Core Yoga, emPowerment Flow, Gentle, Gentle/yin, Meditate + chill and more! They’re also offering their classes online. Check out their schedule, prices or sign up here.
  • O2 Fitness: Although their in-person gyms are currently closed, O2 is offering all of their classes online through Facebook livestream. They offer yoga classes, barre, strength training, and more! You can also access their one-on-one virtual training through their app here
  • You can also check out Stillpoint therapist Crystal Zumba’s class tomorrow hosted online March 31st at 6:30 PM and Sunday April 5th at 6:30 PM. You can sign up and see future times/ dates here. 
  • Axis Fitness: Focusing on mobility and strength training, this local fitness studio is constantly updating their Instagram and Facebook page with at-home workouts and challenges. They’re currently offering free at-home workout resources on their TrainHeroic app with code “STAYLEANCOVID2019” 


Low Intensity

  • One Commune – Virtual Yoga Community: This online yoga studio is offering free daily classes and meditations. You can also sign up for their free online courses in Meditation and Mindfulness. Check them out here
  • Alo Moves: Brought to you by popular fitness closing brand Alo, offers online classes for all levels. Including yoga, strength training, mindfulness and skills-based classes like inversions or mobility. Get your first two weeks for free here.
  • Go for a walk around the block
  • Garden or start a garden. If you’re a beginner, check out these tips here.


North Carolina COVID-19 Update resources: