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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission


I have recently been thinking about and fine tuning our business vision and mission.  It is important to me that everyone understands what we do and what our intention is in putting together this business.  We are doing something a little new and a little different and sometimes “new” can be scary.

In the end, I think we have several goals.

1.  We want serve.  All the providers and teachers at Stillpoint are led to serve and are passionate about helping our community.

2.  We want to de-stigmatize mental health.  While confidentiality and privacy protection is and will continue to be of upmost importance, we also want individuals to know their is no shame in seeking mental health support.  Additionally, mental health, just like our physical health is on a continuum.  We all HAVE mental health – it just depends where you are on the continuum at any point in your life that defines the level of support you need.  We may need individual therapy now, but in a few months a support group of like-minded people may be of benefit.  Or maybe meditation helps to keep stress levels down for one person, while another may need movement like in yoga or other activities.  We want to help not only provide these resources, but also provide community resources that help you learn to manage your overall health mindfully.

3.  We aim to be holistic, integrative and community minded.  This mean we see the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.  We want to work with all parts of your family and life systems to provide support, which means we are always building relationships with other providers and businesses in the community to provide you with the information you need.

With these goals in mind, I developed our vision and mission:

To individuals and families in Wilmington, Stillpoint Counseling and Wellness, PLLC is the holistic group practice for mental health and wellness because we provide experiential and mindful interventions that support the whole person by using therapeutic services that client’s report brings focus, stability, and peace to their daily life.
Our mission is provide services and resources that promote resiliency in the face of chronic and acute stress in order to enhance wellness for  individuals, families, and our community.

Stillpoint Counseling and Wellness provides professional and relatable therapy, as well as mindful mental health classes to help individuals and families who are navigating life’s challenges to feel more balanced, content, and joyful with everyday life.  The therapists at Stillpoint have experience working with complex family systems and utilize a supportive and mindful approach to family therapy.  In addition, our therapists are trauma informed and focused on the resilience of individuals, families, and our community.  We believe that everyone is capable of transforming after life’s challenges and stressors.  We believe transformation happens when we have integrative and holistic resources available to us.  Our integrative approach includes onsite yoga, meditation, mindfulness classes, workshops, and trainings that support every age group.  In addition, we partner with other practitioners, clinicians, healthcare providers, and wellness businesses as referral sources in order to provide comprehensive wellness that is person-centered

We cannot wait to connect with you!  If you are a business, come see us and lets collaborate!  If you are an individual, pop in and get a tour and ask us questions!  If you are curious but cautious, follow our newsletter or social media to gain information.


Jessica King is the owner of Stillpoint Counseling, as well as a practicing therapist and yoga teacher.  She practices intuitively, compassionately, and authentically; and, she has a passion for helping others manage life’s challenges.

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