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Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting

When parents take an active role in therapy, it allows the child or adolescent to have a strong support system that will meet their needs when it is time to leave therapy. Positive parenting techniques can help parents feel equipped with the tools they need to build positive relationships with their children. In individual sessions with caregivers, a therapist can teach tangible skills that can be effectively implemented at home after the in office session has ended. Skills that are typically taught are specific praise, active ignoring, using natural consequences, setting consistent limits, and emotional coaching.

In addition, parenting sessions are used to explore the stress of the caregivers and how this is influencing reactions and interactions with your child. We provide the caregiver with a space to process their own emotional content, as well as teach distress tolerance skills and emotional regulation tools that can be used at home. As they say, when momma (or daddy or grandma or granddad or aunty, etc) is happy, everyone is happy!

Parenting is HARD! There is no rule book or instruction manual. At Stillpoint, we understand the challenges that parents face, and we are here to support you in feeling confident with your parenting skills. We want to help you find joy as you parent and as you build a relationship with your children.


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