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Smart Self-Care Tips for Introverts

Smart Self-Care Tips for Introverts

Guest post by Melissa Howard of 


Being an introvert means you approach life a little differently than your extroverted counterparts. Rather than seeking parties and company, you often prefer to do things on your own. A quiet evening in or even tackling a new project is typically more comfortable when done in solitude. Introverts have a unique set of social and emotional needs, which Psychology Today explains is completely normal and healthy. Read on as we explore five smart tips for introverted self-care.

Schedule Quiet Personal Time Each Day

Introverts can live very busy lives with many friends and an active work schedule. But in all the hustle-and-bustle chaos, it’s vital to take some time for yourself. An introvert recharges when they are alone, usually in the peace and quiet of their own home or office. So make sure to schedule yourself some quiet personal time each day.


For many, starting and ending the day with quiet solitude is a good way to energize and decompress. If you find energy waning, a quiet break in the middle of the day can help you recharge to face the afternoon. You can spend a few minutes meditating, listening to music, or just enjoying your own company. There are no wrong answers, as long as you feel refreshed at the end.

Find Ways to Curb Stress

For introverts who experience significant amounts of stress, it’s important for your overall well-being to find ways to reduce stress in and around you. When it comes to the manifestations of physical stress (e.g. anxiety, fatigue, frequent illness, muscle aches, etc.), there are numerous ways to find relief. Through journaling, meditation, showing gratitude and even showing yourself compassion. Stress can also be a presence in our homes through negative energy. To reduce stress in your home, consider ways to clear bad energy like cleaning and decluttering, purifying the air and surfaces, and adopting the Native American method of smudging.

Exercise Solo

Social people enjoy working out together. They pace their workouts and track their progress in pairs and teams. But as an introvert, you probably enjoy exercise more when you’re alone. You can focus on your body and your own thoughts during these times of quiet fitness. The good news is that there are many solo exercises you can add to your fitness routine whether you’re running, biking, or swimming.

And with today’s technology, you don’t even have to go without the benefits of having a fitness buddy. Wearing a new-model smartwatch or fitness tracker allows you to enjoy a solo workout safely and comfortably with features like fall detection, SOS, step tracking, and heart monitoring.

Carry a Book or Collection of E-books

BookRiot notes one of the best ways to enjoy being introverted is to bring a book wherever you go. There will always be quiet moments of waiting. Other people tend to seek out someone to chit-chat with when waiting in public spaces. But you can claim that empty time for yourself and a little quiet decompression by having a book on hand.


Carry a paperback or load your mobile device with a few favorite e-books you can read when there’s a lull in your schedule. You’ll enjoy the quiet time, and others will be less tempted to strike up small talk.

Narrow Your Social Focus

When you do socialize, chances are that you prefer lunch with a close friend or two over a large group setting. Introverts enjoy socialization, but in more quiet and controlled situations. So narrow down your social focus when it’s time to hang out. If you’re spending time with someone new, Lifehacker suggests bringing a friend who you’re comfortable with to even out the social situation.


And if you find yourself in a larger group setting or at a party, reduce stress by focusing on a smaller set of people who you know and enjoy talking to. There’s no need to focus on the whole group. Attempting to mingle with everyone can ruin your whole night!


Quiet time and alone time are an important part of your self-care. Being a successful introvert is all about knowing how to balance a healthy social life with your relaxing solo time, and knowing how to take care of yourself when doing activities on your own. Find your best rhythm and you’ll be happy and successful, whether you’re flying solo or at a holiday bash.