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Andrew Baez, LCSWA

Andrew Baez, LCSWA


Hi, I’m Andrew Baez a dedicated therapist with a passion for fostering meaningful connections and guiding individuals on their journey towards connection, healing, and personal growth.

As a therapist, my focus is on building and nurturing connections – whether it’s working with couples striving to strengthen their relationships, supporting individuals on their path to recovery from addiction, or helping those seeking to deepen their faith. My goal is not only to guide clients towards sobriety or relationship stability but to empower them to rediscover true happiness and fulfillment in their lives. I believe that true healing comes from understanding
oneself, and I am committed to offering both insight and practical skills that clients can incorporate into their daily lives.

Working with couples, I aim to create a foundation of trust, communication, and understanding. Often in relationships we get bogged down with the daily grind and my hope is to assist couples in rekindling the friendship with their partner that led to their relationship. Additionally, for those seeking guidance in matters of faith, I provide a supportive space to explore and strengthen their
spiritual connection.

I am dedicated to helping clients leave my office with a deeper understanding of themselves and
the tools needed to navigate life’s challenges and inevitable changes. In a world where genuine
connection is often rare, I strive to be a comforting place where individuals can share their
innermost thoughts without fear of judgment.

In my therapeutic approach, I recognize the inherent value of connection and collaboration.
While each individual has the resilience to navigate life independently, the power of shared
experiences, insights, and support cannot be understated. Together, we can explore the intricacies
of your journey, unravel challenges, and discover the strengths and resources that lie within.



Andrew’s journey in mental health began in the Bronx, NY, shaping his passion for fostering
well-being. Holding a Master’s in Social Work from the University of North Carolina
Wilmington, he has cultivated a diverse professional background. Andrew specializes in Couples
Counseling, Addiction, Faith-based counseling, Transitions, Depression, and Anxiety. Guided by
the principles of Person-Centered Therapy, he values each client’s unique experiences and sees
them as the experts of their own lives.

An active member of the community, Andrew extends his dedication to others by serving as a
foster parent. Outside of his professional commitments, he finds joy in spending quality time
with family and friends, engaging in outdoor activities, and participating in sports. Andrew’s
holistic approach reflects his commitment to supporting individuals on their journey to mental
and emotional well-being.

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