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Lillie Hewitt, IAYT

Lillie Hewitt, IAYT

Lillie’s journey began in college as a way to cross-train and connect with new friends. Little did she know her Monday/Wednesday hobby would ultimately change the trajectory of her life, both personally and professionally. Yoga became an anchor for navigating her own mental health and experience with disordered eating – when she was on the mat she was empowered, inspired and present – and at the end of a yoga class her previous forecast of thunderstorms were now partly cloudy (sometimes even partly sunny). It was this potential for befriending her body, and the desire to help other women do the same, that propelled her into the field of Yoga Therapy.

Yoga Therapy can help you befriend your body, work through difficult emotions around food and body image, and finally experience more joy in your life. With renewed trust in your body, you will be able to transform old habits and create new ones that support a vibrant, nourished life.

Yoga Therapy is for women just like you who are ready to…

  • Explore the root of their disordered eating

  • Create lasting change in their relationship with food

  • Nourish their body to engage more fully in their life, interests, and relationships

  • Learn new ways to cope with their anxiety and depression

  • Face the shame they have about their body and finally move past it

  • Be comfortable in their own skin, instead of feeling disconnected from their body

  • Change their inner dialogue from self-loathing to self-loving

  • Openly communicate and get their needs met

  • Accept life’s challenges as opportunities for growth

  • Stop their body’s suffering

  • Start living their life!

Lillie earned her C-IAYT through the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy. With 1,000+ hours of training, Lillie facilitates trauma-informed body-based therapy for individuals and groups. As a Yoga Therapist, you can expect Lillie to support you in the peaks and valleys of your healing process, reminding you of your inherent ability to heal, and your worthiness of a vibrant, meaningful life.

Yoga Therapy is an accredited, integrative field. Certified Yoga Therapists receive 1,000+ hours of specialized training, and are recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). I attended the School of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy