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Top 5 Fave Self-Care Posts

Top 5 Fave Self-Care Posts

by Amanda Smith, LCSW

There are so many fantastic resources for self-care out there today. But combing through it all can sometimes be overwhelming. Sometimes, when I’m scouring the internet for these types of resources, I feel like I’m in self-care overload mode. Quite honestly, it can get a little exhausting.

So to save you lots of time, energy, and stress, I’ve put together a list of my top five therapist-approved apps for self-care. Keep reading to find out some of my favorite apps for practicing self-care.

1. Sanvello

I love this app for on-the-go CBT thought journaling and self-reflection. It’s one of my favorite apps of all time. As a CBT therapist, I love finding tools that help refine and reframe our thoughts. There are many different ways to journal and a variety of mediums to choose from, but this one takes the cake if you are looking for a good CBT journaling app. Most of us have our phones in our hands more than we wear pants these days, so it makes it easy and accessible to practice thought journaling on the go. It’s super beneficial to be able to record your thoughts in the moment. It helps to alleviate any immediate anxiety or panic and leaves you with a more accurate thought record to reflect on. Sanvello has also started growing and expanding to provide even more CBT resources for mental health and self-care.

2. My Life (Stop, Breathe, & Think)

Now called My Life, the Stop, Breathe, & Think app is a straightforward and user-friendly free guided mediation app that works for anyone. I have used this in my own meditation practice and recommended it to those I counsel. I’ve even used it with a group of 5th-grade boys, which should tell you a lot. There are many different meditation apps out there, each with its own design and flavor, but this one is the best free and simple guided meditation app that I have found that works for all people.

3. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is another free meditation app that I have grown to love. I was introduced to this app by a person I counsel, and I have used it ever since. It’s an excellent meditation tool that has a lot of really great features. Insight Timer has tons of guided meditations, calming music, and sleep sounds. The app also hosts informational talks and courses for those interested in learning more about the technical aspects of meditation. I have heard so many great things about this app from people who have found it helpful in their meditation practices.

4. Mealime

This free app is great for practicing good physical self-care. It helps to design and plan meals that are healthy, quick, and easy. It even syncs up to many grocery delivery stores and services, such as instacart. The first time I used this app, I was amazed at how simple and clever it was. You choose the meals you want to prepare, and it formulates your exact grocery list, allowing you to order your groceries right through the app. It saves me time and money, and it makes cooking and meal planning fun. When things are fun, we tend to do them more, so this app will help you focus your energy on taking care of your nutritional and physical needs.

5. Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny is a cute, fun little free app that helps motivate you to drink more water. Staying hydrated is a vital component of all self-care because water helps us maintain physical health while also keeping our brains healthy and nourished. However, sometimes we need a little boost to get ourselves going. Watching these little plant pets grow as we drink water is very satisfying. So if you are looking for a fun little way to remind yourself to drink more water, Plant Nanny will help you stay on top of taking care our yourself while taking care of your plants.