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Ways to Practice Gratitude at the Holidays

Ways to Practice Gratitude at the Holidays

PictureThe holiday season is often a time when people reflect on the things that they appreciate most in life. Research suggests that gratitude has a variety of benefits including improved mental and physical health as well as more satisfying social relationships. A recent article published by the Greater Good Magazine suggests that gratitude may also help individuals cope with stress and manage challenging emotions and situations more effectively. In the midst of the busy holiday season, remember to slow down, be present, and appreciate life’s blessings.

Here’s what the therapists at Stillpoint shared about how they cultivate gratitude in their lives during the holiday season:

“I have a tradition of traveling to Tennessee with my family to visit my in-laws for Christmas. They live in the mountains and their neighborhood is peaceful and secluded. I always make it a point to turn off my electronics and be present with my family and the beautiful scenery. This helps me to stay grounded and feel gratitude for all that I have. I am reminded that I can form a path for my daughter, creating loving memories through family tradition.” -Audrey Keeton, MSW, LCSW

“I bake. Most of the year I do not bake, but at Christmas I pull out my mother’s and grandmother’s recipes, and I bake. Sometimes I bake with my children and sometimes I bake by myself. In either scenario, I feel gratitude for the people who have been part of my life, who taught me their traditions, and who have loved me. I feel gratitude for the opportunity to share this tradition and this love with my children.” -Jessica King, MSW, LCSW

“One way I cultivate gratitude around the holidays is that I take the time to enjoy and reflect on the little moments like cooking the food, the little messes that come along with it, the laughter, and the joys that come along with starting my own traditions as a newlywed!! Take some time this holiday season to slow down, set boundaries, and enjoy those little moments that can often be so big when it comes to gratitude within our lives.” -Crystal Guarascio, LPC

“I try to remember that the holiday offers time for me to be present in my own life and that regardless of any obligation I might feel, I get to decide what to do with those moments.” -Shanna Dickens, LCSW, LCAS

What are some ways that you can cultivate gratitude in your life during the holiday season?

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