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Why Not Me?

Why Not Me?

There typically comes a time in our lives where we have crucial decisions to make. Whether it’s a new job or position, learning a new hobby, or joining a new extracurricular activity, these decisions can bring up a variety of emotions and uncertainty.

Recently, I was faced with a decision to go part time at my job to grow as a professional and became licensed to teach Zumba.  I remember feeling scared about what the future held and had so many questions about if I would be able to handle the change financially, what my schedule would look like, would I be “good” at my new position when there are so many other people out there who do a great job in this same area, and so many other thoughts/ presumptions that plagued my mind.  During these times, if we let them, our negative cognitions will take the wheel and drive us to a place that causes us to remain complacent and not take any risks.

John Maxwell states, “If we’re growing we are always going to be out of our comfort zones.”  When it comes to these big life decisions that cause us to step outside of the comfort zones in our lives, it is critical for us to have a positive mindset.  We need to be able to say to ourselves, “I am enough,” “Why not me,” and “Who better than me” rather than finding the many excuses we can tell ourselves to justify why we should remain in a place where we feel safe, even though it’s not exactly where we want to be.

​Once we learn to drown out the doubts with the positives, we will be able to live a life in which we feel free because we have filled up our own cup rather than listened to others about what we “should” do.  We will be able to have the confidence within ourselves to know that we are truly enough and be able to state why not me for this job/ position, new hobby, or extracurricular activity.  Do whatever it is you love, without hesitation, and don’t let whatever doubt comes your way ever stop you!!

If we’re growing, we are always going to be out of our comfort zones.” ~ John Maxwell


Crystal Fussell Guarascio is a licensed professional counselor in Wilmington, NC.  Crystal works with adolescents and adults looking to manage intense emotions like anger that is causing unwanted behaviors and patterns in their daily life.  Crystal is relatable and down to earth, and she loves working with people who are ready for change!  Crystal also teaches Zumba and is a singer in two local bands.  Learn more about her in her bio.

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