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Chronic Stress and Job Burnout

Chronic Stress and Job Burnout

Burnout occurs after a prolonged period of emotional, mental, and physical stress.  People experiencing burnout often feel overwhelmed and unable to meet the demands of their job or daily life.  The individual often reports feeling an inability to do their job and often feelings of helplessness and resentment.  Helping professionals who experience vicarious trauma and are susceptible to compassion fatigue are at high risk of burnout in their professions.  Recognizing signs and symptoms early can be helpful.  These include feeling tired and drained most of the time; getting sick more frequently; feeling like a failure; loss of motivation; cynicism; decreased satisfaction with your job; detachment; isolation; using drugs or alcohol to cope; and, withdrawing from responsibilities.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is time to reach out to others for support to create an ongoing plan for self-care and recovery.  This should include increasing your connection to social activities with friends, family, co-workers, community groups, or other community groups, as well as setting boundaries with others and your work environment and getting plenty of rest and sleep.  For other resources and ideas for preventing or managing burnout check out this Help Guide.

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